Laurence HarrouldLaurence Harrould was born in Kings Cross, Sydney, in 1952. While studying for a science degree at the University of NSW, he worked as a counsellor at the Manly and Kings Cross Drug Referral Centres, as a trainer with the Mind Dynamics Institute, and as a full-time technician in the Schools of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. It was during this time that he also developed a real passion for astrology, which he combined with his passion for science to organise a national conference in 1979, entitled Recent Advances in Natal Astrology.

Laurence had his own IT company, which helped him realise a need for balance in his life. This realisation led him toward a career in coaching, which has since seen him achieve tremendous success working with both individuals and small business owners. Over the years, Laurence has helped people make significant changes in their lives and has enabled them to start living their true purpose.

Combining his three passions of business, science and astrology with a love of working with people, Laurence, together with his partner Danita, has developed the Aviel brand and its unique range of programs.

In addition to his degree, Laurence has also achieved diplomas in education, business information systems, orthomolecular nutrition, clinical ecology and workplace training.

Laurence and Danita live in Sydney with their dog, Sancho. They are working on making their house as self-sufficient as possible, including growing their own vegetables. In his spare time Laurence loves to sail and is an accredited sailing instructor.