Jo CowlingJo Cowling was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where her Australian father was a professional golfer. She moved to Australia at six months of age and spent her formative years growing up in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Jo worked as a real estate agent on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but is probably best known as a contestant on the television show The Biggest Loser. Based on her positive nature and passion for life, Jo was selected for the show which saw her lose a staggering 31 kilograms – almost 30 per cent of her body weight – in a mere four months. This experience has since helped Jo recognise the importance of balance and placing an equivalent value on good physical and mental health. She has been an inspiration to many people and hopes to continue helping others when they too are ready to take the journey.

Since leaving the show, Jo continues to exercise daily and loves her sessions with her trainer Rod Collins, who she claims is responsible for helping her lose the majority of her weight outside The Biggest Loser. Jo accepts that this is the life she should have started living many years ago, and while she has no regrets she is certainly making up for lost time as she continues to wring each and every drop out of life!