Grant LewersGrant Lewers was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1979. After his father’s suicide, Grant and his mother moved to Australia where he grew up on Sydney’s northern beaches.

When he was 13, Grant’s mother, an ex-schoolteacher and seminar enthusiast, sent him to a weeklong personal development course on communication, goal setting and teamwork. Although he was initially reluctant to go, it was here that his love for alternative education developed. From that moment on he read as many personal development books and listened to as many recorded seminars as he could, realising that you could take a ‘short-cut’ in life by learning from other successful people.

At the age of 14, Grant left school and began working, unpaid, for successful people. These mentors taught him about money, business and life. By the time he was18, he was charging $300 an hour as a marketing consultant. Not long after, Grant started teaching other young people about what he knew and started the Empower Teen Program. For four years, he worked tirelessly to help teenagers and to change the way schools prepared young people for life.

Today, Grant operates Results Agency, a marketing company that gets results for their clients by doing rather than talking. The company helps businesses implement a customer feedback and database strategy that allows them to keep in contact with their customers and to understand what they are thinking.

Grant has spoken at numerous seminars and has shared the stage with people such as Robert Kiyosaki. He has featured on the Today Show, 2UE, 2GB, and in countless magazines and newspaper articles. Grant lives in Sydney, right on Manly Beach, where he enjoys surfing and playing golf.