Denis GianoutsosDenis Gianoutsos was born in Wellington, New Zealand, where he grew up with his brother and two sisters, attending Rongotai College.

Denis was brought up in a Greek community and spent every day after school, weekends and holidays working in his parents’ business. His early exposure to business allowed him to absorb lessons about business and leadership. He undertook leadership positions in a variety of sports and activities, and in his last year of college held seven different leadership roles.

After finishing college, Denis graduated from Wellington Polytechnic in computer programming and has spent the past 20 years studying and being mentored in leadership development.

Denis’s leadership began with his presidency of a Greek youth committee and led to his participation and leadership in many large IT delivery and sales teams. He has taught leadership at numerous seminars throughout the world and attributes his success to the personal advice and support he has received from his insightful mentors.

Currently, Denis is a global transformation leadership coach working for a large global IT services organisation. He also owns the company, Maximum Stretch Limited, and works with other organisations. His company consists of a team of strong leaders and offers services such as executive, leadership and team coaching, leadership development, performance management, business development, facilitation, and effective team building.

Denis lives with his fiancée, Mary, in Wellington. When he is not working they enjoy spending time with family, friends and community groups, and are both keen competitive dancers. Today Denis is the Co-President of the International Coaches Federation for the Wellington Chapter.