Chris MalesChris Males was born in Windsor, New South Wales (NSW), in 1980. As a kid he dreamed of playing cricket for Australia, and although his life took a different direction, in 2002 he played for the Australian Country XI against the touring New Zealand national side.

Chris went on to study sports science at university, and in his last year realised that there was a desperate need for health and fitness within the corporate marketplace – he observed that people were working harder and longer and were neglecting their fitness. In response, Chris started Pro-Fit Corporate Health, a business that brings fitness sessions, personal development seminars and health assessments into the workplace. Within a couple of months, he discovered that the companies he worked with were reporting fewer absentees and experiencing an increase in productivity and performance.

Since starting Pro-Fit Corporate Health, Chris has also introduced fitness BootCamps to Canberra’s general public. His BootCamps are now a successful business which has helped over 500 people get fitter and stronger. Chris also spends time presenting his ‘Live Remarkably’ personal development program. His humorous, candid and inspiring presentation style consistently helps his clients realise their true potential and strive for personal excellence in every aspect of their lives.

Outside of business, Chris loves to practise what he preaches by getting away from his desk for a game of golf. He also enjoys spending time on the NSW South Coast with his fiancée Rose.