Audrey RoddaAudrey Rodda was born in Toorak, Melbourne, in 1981. Her family moved several times until she was in her teens when they settled in Dandenong, Victoria, and she completed secondary school there.

Audrey started working at the age of eight, and when she completed year 11 she left school to pursue fulltime employment at a university pharmacy. Being in an educational environment encouraged Audrey to learn more, and so she returned to study, completing an advanced diploma in business marketing. It was during this course that she met her long-time friend and business partner. At 19 years of age, the pair started their own promotions business and their success prompted Audrey to explore her entrepreneurial skills further.

When Audrey moved to Sydney at 21 to pursue a career, she found herself in the telecommunications industry. She started Phonelink Communications in her lounge room, and has grown the business into a leading source of total communications services. It has an exceptionally high customer retention rate due to outstanding service and a successful referrals system, and has recently begun the rollout of its first franchised retail outlets.

Audrey has once again returned to study to complete her MBA (executive). She currently lives in Sydney’s east and enjoys sport, reading, yoga and socialising. In her spare time she likes to help others, with plans to spend more time building community initiatives in the near future.