Andrew GriffithsAndrew Griffiths grew up as an orphan in Perth, Western Australia. This unusual beginning to life set the scene and started Andrew on the road to becoming the unique and remarkable man he is today.

Andrew has worked as a commercial diver, a door-to-door encyclopaedia salesperson, a gold explorer in the Western Australian desert, an international sales manager for a giant Japanese company, and has run his own successful marketing consultancy – to mention just a few key career highlights.

Today he is acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading experts on small business. His intimate knowledge and experience of small business is often sought by corporate Australia and government organisations to provide direction and understanding of the growing phenomenon of entrepreneurialism.

Describing himself as a ‘serial entrepreneur’, Andrew has developed an international reputation that has reinforced his six best-selling books. His books are sold in over 40 countries and their popularity has launched him as a keynote speaker and corporate advisor. Andrew writes and speaks about the art of building successful small businesses, including marketing, customer service, advertising, success and work/life balance.

With a passionate, energetic and engaging style, Andrew speaks from the heart about the key issues affecting small businesses and the importance this business sector plays in the Australian and global economies. He connects intimately with his audiences and is committed to helping people in business to reach their full personal and professional potential.