Hey Members,

Welcome to the greatly enhanced Business Blueprint program, which is going to last as long as it takes to get you and your business through this crisis.

In short, we’re not taking anything away. Instead, we’re going to be adding no-less than 5 additional benefits, which are going to help you make unprecedented progress in your business.

INTRODUCING… our #StrongerTogether Plan, which will now give you access to:

  • Conquer the Crisis” (Bonus Live Streamed Event)
  • Panic2Plan” Coaching Calls with Owen Cope
  • Dale Direct” via Facebook LIVE (Every Mon & Wed)
  • Take Action” Tuesday (26 Actions over 26 Weeks)
  • Done for You” Friday (26 Things Done For You)

In addition, next week we are going to be releasing a NEW 2020 Calendar, which will have all new conference dates for the rest of the year. These will remain as LIVE, in-person events, however, if you are unable to travel, you will now be able to attend these events, virtually.

Before closing, I want to say that more information will follow soon, but right now if you have feedback or questions, please email us at support [at] businessblueprint.com and we will get back to you.

#StrongerTogether #LetsDoThis


March 18, 2020

March 16, 2020