4 Times More Leads and a 269% Revenue Increase – Turn Your Website into a Cash Machine!

Will Swayne

Will Swayne is, quite simply, an Internet business genius who can show you how to harness the massive leverage of the World Wide Web – so your website becomes like the ultimate ATM!

After working on hundreds of Internet lead generation projects across diverse industries, Will and his company Marketing Results understand what actually works when it comes to attracting high quality leads and making sales online.

Just one example of Will’s work: Food safety organisation The Gourmet Guardian achieved a 269% increase in business revenue from web-generated leads, 4 times more leads, a rapidly growing newsletter list for future marketing, reduced cost per click – and no need to continue advertising in the Yellow Pages.

Will has presented seminars at State Government and industry events on international marketing and e-marketing and the National Small Business Summit, Australia’s premier conference for small business owners.

Business Blueprint members will discover:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes business owners make on their websites and what to do about them.
  • The best places to host your website to boost search engine rankings.
  • How changing the name of your website can slash your Google Adwords spend by 75%.
  • How to automate and systemise your business online.
  • What sort of web design works best for Google optimisation and conversion.
  • How to build credibility in your website.
  • Why you should look at your website as another ‘division’ of your business and not just an afterthought.
  • The 3 website platforms you should use to avoid getting locked into working with one website designer.
  • How to focus your attention on the “vital few” important things on your site – rather than getting hung up on the many trivial items which don’t make a significant difference.