How to get Prospects to CALL YOU With Simple Marketing Strategies – on a “Shoestring” Budget

Do you want to get explosive sales results with creative – not expensive – marketing?

Taki Moore

Then you need to listen to Taki Moore – a.k.a. the “MacGyver of Marketing” – the specialist in quick, inexpensive marketing techniques that get fast and highly profitable results.

Working with gyms, coaches, car dealerships, professional service firms and software companies, Taki has had a major impact on their sales results. For example:

  • A one-page direct mail letter costing $46.50 in stamps turned into $90,000 in sales in three weeks.
  • A marketing investment of $900 returned an astounding $132,000 in sales.
  • A simple 4 paragraph email brought in a 44% response and 255 leads.

Taki has dozens more examples….Be sure not to miss his secret method of getting other businesses to endorse you and happily let you pitch to their clients! This little known secret can bring in up to 30-80 times more leads from every piece of marketing you create.