“Know Your Numbers” and Boost Your Sales

Business may be an art – but it’s also a science, based on hard numbers.

How well do you know your numbers?

Sharon Tieman

Sharon Tieman is an expert on the metrics of business, with measures on every aspect which allow her to make strategic adjustments to keep planning and achieving her ambitious targets.

The result? In her last business Sharon doubled revenue within 18 months and increased profit and cashflow in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis. While scores of her competitors struggled and laid off staff, her business thrived and she was then able to sell it to a multi-national for a sizable profit.

Sharon will show you the simple systems she uses for keeping track of her businesses. Her systems make you the master of the data, not the other way round – you won’t be overwhelmed or drown in figures or spreadsheets! And your business will never be the same again.