Get a Cash Injection for Your Business – and the Best Price When You Sell It

Reuben Buchanan

If you want a cash injection into your business and then to ultimately sell it for the best price…Reuben can help you.

Through Business Blueprint you have the benefit of Reuben’s 14 years of experience in the investment, stock market and media industries. More specifically, he can help you understand how to become investor-ready and raise equity capital.

You’ve almost certainly been exposed to some of Reuben’s successful media ventures: Wealth Creator Magazine, Wealth Creator Books, Wealth Creator Radio Show and the Wealth Creator TV Show, which aired on Foxtel. He also co-authored a book entitled Australia’s Wealth Creators with Jonathan Jackson.

Reuben is also the co-founder and director of Think Big Magazine, a personal development publication launched in Australia in April 2008. He is also the co-founder of Wholesale Investor, a private equity investment magazine.

Today, Reuben is a full-time Corporate Advisor and works closely with clients in order to obtain business capital on the best terms, to meet clients’ timeframes. He also speaks regularly on topics related to raising capital and becoming investor ready.

Reuben will show you:

  • How to create a plan to raise capital for your business in the current market – yes it’s possible!
  • How to maximise the value of your business and ultimately sell it for the highest possible price.
  • How to attract top talent in your industry to mentor you for free.
  • How to “de-risk” your business to make it attractive to investors.
  • How to buy a business (maybe your competitor’s) using no money.
  • How to raise capital on behalf of other companies – allowing you to take free equity on existing businesses.
  • How to maximise your personal net-worth using business as a vehicle.