The Psychology of Selling Success with the Million Dollar Dealmaker

Peter SheahanHe will flip your thinking and make you see opportunities which are currently invisible to you – and you won’t have to pay the US$18,000 per hour which he normally charges clients.

Peter is a successful entrepreneur, bestselling author and a thought leader in the field of business positioning and strategy. You may have read his online columns in Fast Company, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Newsweek or The Washington Post – or seen him on Fox News or CNBC.

As a member of Business Blueprint, here is some of what you will discover from Peter:

  • How to spot emerging trends and capitalise on them.
  • How to double or triple your prices – and still have the client see the value in your services and be eager to pay you.
  • How to go from charging clients $500 per month as a coach or consultant to charging $1000, $2000 or even $5000 per hour.
  • How Hyundai made an amazing risk-free guarantee to prospective customers concerned about job security and their finances – and how this led to double-digit growth in sales –in the middle of the U.S recession!
  • The strongest motivators of human behaviour and how to harness them in your marketing campaigns.
  • What Samsung did to go from low-end, low profits, to high-end high profits? Hint: they created one new role in their company.
  • The power of proof and credibility: 3 powerful ways to be known as a credible player that people want to buy from.