Systemising Your Business to Save Time and Money

“The right person, doing the right thing, at the right time.”

Can you say that this always happens in your business? (The “right person” isn’t necessarily you!)

John Tonkin

With his company Brain in a Box, Australia’s #1 systems expert, John Tonkin, has worked with businesses across many industries and implemented systems which have transformed daily operations and bottom line profitability.

As a member of Business Blueprint, you will have access to John’s vast expertise in this area and discover:

  • How a functional Operations Manual will reduce your stress level, make your business run more smoothly, boost profits – and ultimately attract more and better quality potential buyers.
  • Why checklists aren’t just for airline pilots – and how they can make previously “expert” tasks do-able by non-experts.
  • How a properly designed systems solution can give you back 10-15 hours every week – time to work on the business or to enjoy with your family.