How to Increase Turnover by 480% in 18 Months through the Power of your Brand

Jess Logan

Jess Logan is one of Australia’s best-known brand builders through her company, BrandsRPeople2. She really understands the importance of your business systems and processes to ensure the best day-to-day customer experience of your brand. This is so important because without a positive customer experience all of the flashy logos in the world are useless.

As a result, brands under Jess’s direction have achieved sales of over $300 million. One example is the brand Healthy Habits which had just two stores and annual sales of $2.5 million. Just eighteen months after Jess had got involved, turnover had increased by 480% to $14 million through 32 retail outlets.

Another success story is Hairhouse Warehouse, where Jess increased brand awareness from 3% to 86%, grew their network by 40 stores over a 20 month period and revenue by $45 million.

You will discover from Jess Logan:

  • What a brand really is (and it’s not a logo or catchy advertising)…and why understanding this will change your whole business trajectory.
  • What emotion does your brand inspire and is it helping or hindering sales?
  • The 3 rules of building a brand: Focus, Focus, Focus – because in a mass market place, you can’t own more than one thing well.
  • The first steps to building a brand – who do you talk to? And NO, it’s not a graphic designer…
  • Why and how to be first to market.
  • How can you harness the power of your brand to get the best price when you come to sell your business?
  • How you can work with YOUR suppliers to grow your advertising budget –they pay for it and you get the rewards.