It’s About Lifestyle: How to Run a Multi Million Dollar Business Working Just 2 Hours a Week

“Re-model your business so you can live the life you deserve!”

Andrew Smith

This philosophy underpins everything which Andrew Smith does in business – and the result is that he now has the financial freedom and time freedom that many will envy.

Andrew used to be an on-the-job plumber – working up to 90 hours per week, a “lifestyle” which he wasn’t keen to continue. So he and his wife Angela sought out business mentors so they could make some serious changes.

They went on to systemise their business so effectively that now he only has to be there 2 hours a week – yet cash keeps rolling in, more and more every year!

We’re delighted to have Andrew as part of Business Blueprint. Pay close attention to his every word and you will discover:

  • The single most important factor to business success that you need to know to get freedom in your business.
  • How to win the war against time once and for all (this strategy will save you both countless hours and dollars).
  • How to hire the right people and get rid of the bad apples.
  • How to use DVDs to train and induct new staff – saving you time and ensuring things are done the way you want them done.
  • 3 principles of effective leadership and how you can use them to make immediate positive changes to your staff culture.

This is about you bringing it all together for a well balanced, healthy and above all else, fun life!