Alexi Neocleous

Magic Words that Sell…From Christopher Howard’s Ace Copywriter

Do you:

  • Have a website?
  • Invest in advertising (or plan to in the future)?
  • Write letters and emails to prospects or customers?


All provide great leverage – but you’ll only get great results if you know how to write compelling sales copy…or, if you hire a copywriter, you can tell the difference between killer copy and…the mediocre waffle.


Here’s a guy who knows: Alexi Neocleous is a Top Gun copywriter whose clients read like a veritable “who’s who” of the publishing, health, self-help and Internet marketing world. For example:

  • NLP Master Christopher Howard chose Alexi to write copy for his high profile book launch.
  • Weight loss expert Jon Gabriel has sold over 100,000 copies of his book using Alexi’s copy.
  • Real estate mentor Hans Jakobi was delighted that Alexi’s work brought in $237,384 in revenue over the course of a year.


Alexi will be sharing with Business Blueprint members:

  • The quickest, easiest and most reliable way to boost your advertising results – without spending one extra cent on ad space.
  • The secret that tripled TV advertising response for a major advertiser – and how any small business can use the same idea to attract a never-ending flood of new customers.
  • How to instantly position your company and product differently from all your competitors.
  • How to use direct mail to get more clients… and the secret to using it to convert more leads into high paying customers.
  • What to do if your website is not making you money… and the single best idea to potentially double its profitability.