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Having a Marketing Mindset

Having a marketing mindset is vital to the success of the company. Marketing is as much mindset as it is a skill. Check out this segment from an interview between Dale Beaumont and Mal Emery to find out just how true this is.

Mal went from being an illiterate academic failure to a best-selling author, the buyer and seller of more than 30 businesses and the developer of arguably the largest and highest paying mastermind business mentoring program in the country.

Why do you believe that over 50 percent of marketing success has to do with mind-set?

An elephant is so strong that it can lift a tonne in weight with its trunk and is one of the most powerful creatures on Earth. But if you visit a circus you will often see the elephant standing quietly, tethered by only a thin rope or chain attached to a little post banged into the ground. He could easily break free – if only he knew. Why doesn’t he? Because when the elephant was very young and considerably smaller and weaker, he was tied to a heavy chain attached to a massive, immovable stake in the ground. He would strain and strain, but try as he might, he could not break free! Soon he came to accept his limitations and no matter how big and powerful he grows, he is convinced that he cannot move as long as he can see that he is tied to a stake in the ground. I believe that many entrepreneurs, even people in general, behave like circus elephants – call it mind-set or behavioural patterns. They’re immensely powerful but stuck within limitations manufactured only by their beliefs and biases, and those of others who influence them. It is all in the head!

In order to become successful at marketing, or in any other aspect of life, you must have the mind-set that will distinguish you from all the ‘me-too’ businesses out there. You have to take those extra steps. You may have to go the extra mile to make yourself stand apart from others. But most importantly, the mind-set you must adopt is that being successful is feasible for you. Because it is. We like to look at rich people who live ‘perfect’ lives and note how lucky they are, how everything they touch turns to gold. Well, what these ‘lucky’ people have working in their favour is their mind-set – they expect things to work out the way they have planned. Here is something to keep in mind: ‘I think I am – therefore I am‘.

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