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Top 5 Google Adwords Tips

Find the TOP five Google Adwords tips here! Google Adwords is an incredible tool to use to create awareness and get more traffic to your site. It is important that if you embark on the use of Google Adwords, that you do so with an understanding of how to utilise the adwords in their most effective manner. Achieve better results from these five top tips in this excerpt from an interview between Dale Beaumont and Shaun Stenning.

Shaun is now the general manager and co-owner of Sure Fire Marketing, one of the fastest-growing internet marketing businesses, which in its first three months experienced a 400 per cent monthly increase in staff numbers.

What are your top five tips for achieving better results through Google Adwords?

  • Use title case when writing advertising for your Google Adwords (except for unimportant words like ‘to’, ‘it’ and ‘for’). For example, ‘Teddy Bears for Sale’ rather than ‘teddy bears for sale’.
  • The goal of writing Google Adwords advertising is to make it as appealing as possible. It’s a good idea to use an open-ended question or to start a thought without finishing it. You want to write in a way that entices someone to click on your Adwords to find the answer on your website. For example:
  • When you set up your Adwords account, start with a wide range of keywords. This will allow you to identify which words are converting for you and to clean out the words that are not. You can even use words that you think might not work.
  • When allocating your budget split it into two parts – morning and afternoon. I often find that in the morning, Australian advertisers are bidding and will push up the price of keywords. However, by the afternoon prices per click often dive as other advertisers expend their budget. By making sure you allow for both a morning and an afternoon budget you can actually get ahead of other advertisers with a bigger budget.
  • You should be constantly testing and monitoring your account. This can be a boring task, but Adwords is not something you just set up and then walk away from. If you fall into this trap you will find yourself spending a lot of money on advertising that doesn’t bring you any results. Test, test, test and monitor!

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