What is a Tiger Team? Definition or Meaning

A team of tigers, imagine how well they would work together, catch their prey and feed themselves. They make a powerful and efficient unit that will achieve results. The same concept is applicable in the human world. A tiger team is a term used to describe a group of experts who work together to investigate and solve problems faced in projects.

For example…

Take Theo’s remote control fruit picking robot. Theo tinkered with this robot for ages and was finally able to get his robot to pick fruits from trees. What a boon to fruit growers! However, his business’s growth now depends on making the robot’s controlling application work on several operating systems and devices. So, Theo hired a tiger team comprised of security, network, database and programming experts to help him roll out his application across the different systems. The tiger team were instrumental in making Theo’s robot work as they worked together on resolving bugs, compatibility issues, testing and redevelopment efforts