What is a Synergistic Relationship? Definition or Meaning

Working together as team, getting each other’s back, operating in harmony, these are all descriptions of what constitutes synergistic relationships. Often, in business partnerships, these type of relationships between stakeholders is desirable because teams work together to produce a final outcome that is greater than the sum of the efforts put in separate efforts.

For example…

Let’s say Hampers R Us have come up with an innovative Christmas hamper where you can pick and choose items from different stores and bundle it into one. To make this happen, the sales and operations teams from Hampers R Us and relevant stakeholders from participating stores all need to work synergistically, or in pursuit of a common goal, carry out their tasks in an integrated manner. Any hiccups along the way will be handled as an entire team, rather than looking to blame someone. This way, the ensuing success will be much bigger than if they were carried out independently.