What are Return Visitors? Definition or Meaning

Many a shop owner would have loved seeing familiar faces come back to shop at their business. However, just because seeing face-to-face with every website visitor is not possible doesn’t mean owners shouldn’t get all warm and fuzzy when they can identify through clever bits of software that those visitors have been to your site before. A ‘welcome back’ message will convey the same ‘nice to see you again’ smile in person.

For example…

Leela has set up her first business and she is excited! Her offering of made-to-order lemonades will directly compete with coffee orders you can place on an app prior to you picking it up from the café. Her offering will also reward regular or return visitors and therefore it is very important for Leela’s app to identify them correctly. She invested significant time with her developer and analysts to perfect workflows and identify return visitors so they can be rewarded with a percentage off their order each time they revisit and make an order.