What is Public Relations? Definition or Meaning

What customers, the media, investors and other commentators say about a company how the company in turn responds to complaints, accusations, compliments and other matters make up the burgeoning field of public relations or PR. I say burgeoning because of the number of different avenues through which discussions about a company and its products can now be had. PR teams also manage marketing and advertising to maximise exposure through these avenues.

For example…

Jackie has developed a hair care product that straightens one’s hair without the need for a hair straightening device. She has received significant interest from around the world and has hired a PR team to manage and promote her product. The PR team is responsible for marketing and brand management and has people dedicated to each region to handle issues native to the area. The team also works with media outlets to provide information for magazine reviews and interviews with Jackie herself. They also monitor the social media channels associated with the brand to manage customer sentiment.