What does Monetize mean? Definition or Meaning

To monetize something is to make money from your assets or service. It is great if you can bake thousands of cookies for bake sales or produce stunning photography, but in return for the time you invested in it, monetizing it might just provide you the justification to undertake many for jobs and grow, potentially providing you with a sustainable income.

For example…

Lia started a blog a few years ago on how to maintain a clean and clutter-free. The blogs ranged from giving her own tips to interviewing a few of her friends on ways to get help and habits to incorporate in the daily tidying up routine. The huge growth in readership meant that she decided to monetize her blog by seeking advice from cleaning and maintenance businesses in the form of sponsored posts i.e. have these companies advertise their products and services through traditional ads on her site as well as long-form posts informing her readers on new tactics.