What does "Gamify" mean? Definition or Meaning

Humans love playing games, I know this because people have asked me if I know how to ace Angry Birds or find more Pokemon! Anyway, the reason people like games is because it gives you a task to accomplish, winning means rewards, losing may mean consequences. Businesses are now embracing the light-hearted nature of game play and this is the premise behind gamifying products or services.

For example…

Old Spice released a game where they control the character, basketball superstar Dikembe Mutombo as he goes about trying to save the world. The game is set in 2012 and the aim is to save humanity from the end of the world predicted by the Mayan calendar in the same year. By gamifying their product, Old Spice appealed to their male target audience, tapping into their interests and showing that they are keeping up with the times.