What is a Disruption? Definition or Meaning

There are always two sides to a coin and while having something interrupt your orderly processes and way of working is a nuisance at best and disaster at worse, the other side of the coin will tell a different story. Disruption means a change in the way something is usually done and for those who have been doing things in a particular manner, in a business world, this can be a challenge as you need to compete with innovative ways of approaching the same problem. For those ‘disruptors’, the novel approach could signify big financial and professional rewards.

For example…

You can think of digital news replacing printed newspapers as a disruption. News is now readily available online. It is a disruption to the way news was usually consumed by certain groups of people. Instead, now these traditional consumers are victims of the disruption, teams working on printed newspapers are struggling to hold on to their jobs while digital news models are thriving.