Passionate ‘Customer Care’ Consultant Wanted!

  • Turn your passion for helping others into a personally rewarding career
  • Work in a positive environment and received world-class training
  • People seeking flexible hours, eg. return-to-work mums, encouraged to apply

Are you someone with an upbeat personality that loves helping people? Are you someone that’s happy to pick up the phone and build meaningful relationships? If so, keep reading…

Dale Beaumont, a best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur, is looking for a passionate ‘Customer Care’ Consultant to assist him with the ongoing expansion of “Business Blueprint” – a leading training company helping small business owners right across Australia and also New Zealand.

The successful applicant will need:

  • A heartfelt passion for people and a curiosity for what drives behaviour
  • An eagerness to pick up the phone and talk to people (yes, it still works)
  • An upbeat personality and a genuine desire to brighten peoples day
  • To be a person that loves to listen and get to the heart of issues
  • A healthy respect for sales and the ability to lead to a positive outcome
  • To be soft when needed but strong if required to enforce company policy
  • A proven ability to write professionally and respond to emails quickly
  • A desire to want to track performance so we can all grow and improve
  • A character that prefers to stick at something, rather than career hop
  • Loads of initiative and the ability to speak up when you see a better way

With “Business Blueprint” committed to helping as many people as possible, the successful applicant will be trained on how to maximise opportunities within the business. Then they will be encouraged and supported to complete set tasks, in a timely and professional manner

Some of the responsibilities and daily tasks of a successful applicant will include:

  • Calling and congratulating people that book into our live events
  • Following people up after our live events to help them with next steps
  • Identifying possible strategic alliances and managing our processes
  • Calling and helping existing clients at key times within the year
  • Sending outbound emails and LinkedIn messages for lead generation
  • Contacting clients if there is ever an issue with monthly payments
  • Writing emails and SMS messages when you can’t connect by phone
  • Reporting to our Marketing Manager to update them on goals achieved
  • Stepping up to take on new tasks and attending our events if required

Worth noting, “Business Blueprint” regularly runs events featuring some of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs in the country. So, as part of your role, you’ll be given a complimentary annual membership to “Business Blueprint”, which is valued at $14,995. This means you’ll be receiving world-class training, which will develop your service skills even further and dramatically expand your personal network.

Added benefits are that you will be escaping the city-bound trudge and the traffic that goes with it. Instead, you will be working in Warriewood, perched in the heart of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. With a B-Line bus stop 60 seconds walk from our building, we are close to public transport. Plus, we’re also 2 minutes drive (8 min walk) to Warriewood Beach and a large Shopping Centre.

Salaries will be set on the quality and skills of each applicant and an offer will be presented to you during the interview process.

To take the next step, you must apply with a personalised (non-generic) cover letter, your resume and, if you wish, anything else that displays your various experience and talents. We love videos and out of the box thinking, so feel free to impress.

Email them through to our General Manager, Anthony Simon, at [email protected] or call 1300 783 734.