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5 Tips on How to Have Effective Email Marketing

Emails play an integral role in the internet and it is essential to have effective email marketing. In this portion of an interview between Dale Beaumont and Will Swayne find Wayne’s five (5) top tips for effective email marketing.

In early 2003, Will Swayne founded Marketing Results. His vision was to leverage the successful concepts of direct marketing along with emerging internet technologies. This is to create more efficient email marketing processes for traditional offline businesses. He also directs several internet business mentoring programs, helping business owners and entrepreneurs establish and optimise their online businesses.

Why do emails still play an integral role in internet marketing and how can people use email marketing effectively?

Because of the volume of worthless spam emails a business owner has to compete with, email marketing has become more challenging. One needs regular contacts to opt-in email lists of prospects and clients, which is still a core promotional technique of online marketing especially in lead generation for complex sales. The whole reason for this is to nurture leads through a multi-step information and education process with the aim of producing highly-qualified leads for a sales team.

My top five tips for effective email marketing are:

  • Deliverability – make sure your emails get delivered by asking users to ‘whitelist’ your email address, format emails correctly and avoid ‘spam’ language, such as ‘FREE’.
  • Automation – use auto-responders to send a sequence of emails to subscribers, according to a pre-determined schedule that you set. This is much more effective than an occasional email broadcast because it leads subscribers through a step-by-step process instead of throwing them in mid-way through.
  • Test – split-test different subject lines and/or email content. Different subject lines can produce dramatically different open rates and sales results.
  • Track – monitor your open, click-through and unsubscribe rates so you know what’s working.
  • Add value – regular value-added email communications are the best way to keep subscribers interested and nurture sales leads.

Too many corporate emails are sterile, boring and self-serving. For more of this interview check out Dale’s “Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Exposed!“.